Latest news:

[08/03/21] It's been a busy year: our latest work was published in Nature Communications, we submitted a milestone result on coupling light to quantum memories optomechanically for the first time, Hamid defended his PhD, and we moved into a luxurious new lab:

[01/10/20] Matthew Mitchell has been awarded the Governor General's Gold Medal. This medal is awarded each year to a single student at the University of Calgary in recoginition of their thesis being judged "best" from their graduating class.

[01/07/20] Congratulations to Matt Mitchell and David Lake for defending their PhDs earlier this year (Matt in 2019 actually...) Matt has moved to UBC and David to Caltech for PDFs. We will miss you Matt and David!      

[01/05/20] Check out Hamid's latest work in Optics Express.     

[07/05/20] Check out Matt and David's latest work in Nature Communications.  

[02/09/19] Paul is excited to be spending this week and some more time later this fall in Boulder, CO, as a Visiting Fellow at JILA.

[01/08/19] Congratulations to David Lake and Bishnu Behera for being awarded Best Talk and Best Poster, respectively, at the NSERC QUANTA workshop in Edmonton.

[15/05/19] Congratulations to Chris Healey for successfully defending his PhD thesis!

[09/05/19] Paul has been awarded the Canadian Association of Physicists Herzberg Medal.

[02/01/19] You can find Matt and David's paper on the cover of APL Photonics, and a big team effort with Igor's group at UTS (Australia) in Nano Letters.

[10/10/18] Our latest work on cooling diamond mechanical resonators using light is available on the arxiv. You can also learn about our latest coherent diamond optomechanics research here and here.

[09/11/18] Watch out for work from our newest project: cavity optomechanics with hexagonal boron nitride ... coming to the arxiv soon.

[09/10/18] Longtime, not update. Belated congratulations to Thomas and Tamiko for completing their PhD and MSc, respectively. Other recent highlights include two lab talks being accepted to the Postdealine Paper session at the upcoming Frontiers in Optics, one group talk being upgraded to "invited" status at CLEO, Paul giving a presentation at the Gordon Conference last winter, and Ghazal winning an NSERC PDF award.

[04/05/17] The lab has been successful in two recent NSERC funding competitions: the NSERC Strategic Partnership Grant (SPG) and the NSERC Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) grant. This support will fuel on-going efforts to advance creating nanophotonic quantum technology and studies of coupling between spins, photons and phonons.

[12/05/16] Congratulations to Behzad Khanaliloo for successfully defending his PhD thesis and beginning his new job at Lumerical Solutions in Vancouver.

[10/31/16] Check out the lab's paper on advancing nanomagnetism using nanophotonic optomechanical devices - it has just been published in Nature Nanotechnology. Congratulations to Marcelo and Nathanael, and to our collaborators in the Freeman group at UofA.

[10/27/16] Congratulations to Marcelo Wu for successfully defending his PhD thesis! Marcelo is the lab's first graduate.

[10/01/16] Our paper demonstrating cavity optomechanics in diamond has been published in Optica. This is one of the first two demonstrations of coupling between optical and mechanical resonators co- localized within the same diamond chip.

[07/04/16] Thomas' phonon suppression proposal, one of the group's collaborations with the Tittel lab, has been published in Physical Review A, and was featured as an Editors' Suggestion. Congratulations Thomas.

[07/01/16] Paul has joined the CLEO Micro- and Nano-Photonic Devices Program Committee.

[06/24/16] We are pleased to announce that Paul has been awarded an NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement, in addition to a renewal to his NSERC Discovery Grant. The Accelerator Supplement recognizes promising research programs and will boost the group's research efforts during the upcoming years.

[05/14/16] Our collaboration with Mark Freeman's group has produced some fantastic results, including the first demonstration of nanophotonic cavity enhanced magnetometry. They have recently been submitted for publication and are available on the arxiv, and Marcelo is presenting them at an invited talk at CLEO in June.

[05/10/16] JP's work with Shane Eaton's group in Milan on creating diamond waveguides using laser writing for the first time was recently submitted. You can see it on the arxiv.

[04/20/16] Two big pieces of news: Congratulations to David and Matt for each winning highly competitive NSERC CGS-D scholarships. The lab's NSERC Discovery Funding was also renewed and increased.

[01/21/16] David's paper demonstrating record high nonlinear wavelength conversion efficiency has been published in Applied Physics Letters - download it here. This was another team effort, including excellent work from two undergraduates - Davor and Lais.

[12/28/15] Behzad's paper has been published in Physical Review X. Congratulations to Behzad and all of the co-authors - this was a huge team effort.

[12/10/15] Chris' paddle nanocavity paper has been published in Applied Physics Letters!

[11/15/15] Check out our latest work on cavity optomechanics in single crystal diamond, now available on the arxiv. This is the first demonstration of coupling between phonons of single crystal diamond mechanical resonators and photons of an optical cavity mode.

[10/28/15] Our work on diamond waveguide optomechanics has been accepted for publication in Physical Review X, a highly selective journal spanning all fields of physics. Congratulations to Behzad, Hari, Aaron, Hamid and David!

[09/20/15] Busy year! Congratulations to Matt and David for transfering to the PhD program. Kudos to everyone who contributed to papers in Optica (two) and Nano Letters, to Thomas, Behzad, David and Chris for their recent paper submissions, and to David, Matt, Behzad and Hari for excellent CLEO presentations. The lab won an RTI award to help setup some high speed measurement electronics, and Eyes High PDF JP Hadden joined the group from Bristol (UK). Hari (now at CCNY) and Nathanael (now in medical school) moved onto the next phase of their training, and Tamiko joined the group from UBC to begin her MSc. Finally, congratulations for David, Tamiko and Marcelo for winning major scholarships from AITF, NSERC and UofC, respectively.

[09/30/14] Getting some press: Nature Photonics and Ars Technica have highlighted Marcelo's PRX paper.

[07/18/14] Congratulations to Matt, David, Thomas, Behzad and Hamid for being awarded generous scholarships to support their research projects.

[07/05/14] The group has been awarded an NSERC RTI award for $146k to purchase near-IR spectroscopy tools. New lasers and single photon detectors, here we come.

[07/01/14] Aaron's near-field optomechanics paper has been submitted and is available on the arXiv.

[06/19/14] Marcelo's nanocavity optomechanical torque sensor has been published in Physical Review X. Congratulations Marcelo!

[05/16/14] Group members did a great job presenting work at CLEO this year. Aaron talked about our latest diamond optomechanics results, and Matt presented his GaP optomechanics work.

[03/14/14] Much to report - Cryostation: up and running. GaP optomechanics paper online. Dissipative + torque optomechanics paper: submitted. Quantum memory paper: submitted. New student: David Lake.

[07/09/13] Harishankar Jayakumar is the group's newest member. Hari joins us from the University of Innsbruck, where he completed his PhD working on quantum optics experiments with quantum dots in the group of Gregor Weihs. Welcome Hari!

[06/07/13] Aaron's paper was one of the top 10 Optics Letter downloads in May.

[05/02/13] Congratulations to Chris Healey for winning an AITF award to fund his PhD research.

[05/02/13] The split beam photonic crystal paper has been published in Optics Letters.

[05/01/13] Welcome to undergraduate summer students Adam, Jeremy, Nicolas and Shantel, Fuluny and to new PhD student Hamidreza.

[04/10/13] Welcome to Thomas Lutz, our newest group member. Thomas joins us from the University of Ulm via Waterloo, where he worked on experiments in quantum optics.

[04/08/13] Abstracts from Behzad, Marcelo and Aaron have been accepted as oral presentations at CLEO/QELS!

[03/28/13] Thanks to NSERC for awarding our group an RTI grant! This award will be used to purchase detection hardware for high frequency optical signals.

[02/19/13] Aaron's split beam photonic crystal paper has been accepted for publication in Optics Letters.

[02/14/13] Nature has selected the Torque Optomechanics paper as a research highlight.

[02/07/13] Congrats to Marcelo for his excellent talk at SPIE Photonics West on his latest split beam photonic crystal cavity results.

[02/04/13] The Torque Optomechanics paper led by our collaborators at NINT was just published in Applied Physics Letters, and featured on the cover.

[01/30/13] The group just submitted three abstracts to this year's CLEO conference. Good luck Behzad, Aaron and Marcelo!

[01/03/13] Aaron's split beam nanocavity design paper has been submitted and uploaded to the Arxiv.

[01/01/13] Welcome to new MSc. student Matt Mitchell, the latest group member.

[10/12/12] Congrats to Serge Haroche and Dave Wineland for winning the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics. Each of these researchers has been extremely influential in the field of quantum optics, and their work is the inspiration for much of the nanoscale/solid-state cavity QED (e.g., diamond NV centres in cavities) research in recent years. An excellent discussion of their work by John Preskill is on the Caltech Quantum Frontiers blog.

[10/09/12] Our first optomechanics paper is on the Arxiv. This is part of an exciting collaboration with the Davis group at U Alberta / NINT. More to come!

[09/12/12] Moved into our newly renovated lab space - now time for the serious experiments!

[05/10/12] The group presented its latest results at CLEO in San Jose. Marcelo gave an oral presentation of his work on nanoscale optomechanical devices in an excellent session featuring many of the world's leading nanophotonics groups. Photos of taco consumption to follow (carne asada, carnitas, chorizo and pollo). You can download the presentation here.\

[05/08/12] Marcelo has won another scholarship - the AITF Doctoral Scholarship, topping up his NSERC with $13.5k/year. Congrats Marcelo!

[05/01/12] Welcome to the latest group members: Michael Briscoe (U4, NSERC USRA), Deborah Chung (U4) and Chris Healy (PhD).

[04/10/12] Congratulations to Marcelo for winning an NSERC CGS scholarship to fund his PhD. This prestigious award is valued at $35k/year.

[04/03/12] The lab's NSERC RTI grant application was successful. This $147k award will be used to setup a high speed optical control and feedback system used in coherent manipulation of NV centre and optomechanical systems.

[04/02/12] New group photos added.

[03/28/12] Congratulations to Matt Mitchell for winning an AITF MSc award ($26k/y) to fund his graduate studies at UofC.

[03/05/12] Marcelo's abstract was accepted for an oral presentation at CLEO in San Jose on May 9. Congrats Marcelo!

[12/05/11] Submitted the lab's first CLEO abstract today, on our work with John Davis and Mark Freeman at UofA/NINT looking at optomechanical devices for nanomagnetism.

[11/24/11] Another new laser arrived today. The family has grown to include sources at 1550 nm (x 2), 637 nm and 780 nm.

[10/25/11] Just back from presenting an invited talk at the APS Northwest Meeting at OSU in Corvallis, Oregon, and giving an optics seminar at the University of Oregon in Eugene. The conference brought together students from institutions large and small in BC, Washington, Oregon and Alberta.

[10/24/11] Fantastic new fabrication results. Below is an example of photonic crystal nanowire cavity fabricated by Aaron and Marcelo using tools at NINT and the NanoFab (after some systematic optimization of the processing).

[09/07/11] New publication: Modification of spontaneous emission of a single NV using a nanocavity was published in the inaugural issue of Physics Review X today. Physics Review X is APS' online-only, fully open access journal, and aims to publish as timely as possible papers of scientific excellence that meets the acceptance criteria of originality, high technical quality, scientific rigor and high degree of significance to the relevant fields. 

[09/04/11] Welcome to Behzad Khanaliloo, our newest group member. Behzad recently completed his MSc at Sharif University, and will be working at UofC and NINT on projects in quantum nanophotonics.

[09/01/11] We have been granted a large funding award from CFI (Candian Foundation for Innovation). This award will allow the lab to be equipped with the latest in photonics and quantum optics testing equipment. University of Calgary press release.

[08/09/11] The lab's computing cluster is up and running. This system is optimized for finite difference time domain simulations, and will allow parallized modelling large scale nanophotonic devices.

[08/09/11] This recent review by Aharonovich et al. in Nature Photonics gives an excellent overview of the state of the art in diamond photonics, and features some work from Paul's old lab at HP.

[07/22/11] Lab update: optical tables have begun to arrive, and our FDTD simulation cluster is being setup.

[05/27/11] Submitted a new paper demonstrating resonant enhancement of spontaneous emission from a single NV center using a nanoscale cavity. Link

[05/26/11] Welcome to Marcelo Wu! Marcelo is joining the group to work on his PhD. Previoulsy he completed his MSc while working on plasmonic nanophotonics in Vien Van's group at the University of Alberta.

[05/06/11] Returned from CLEO/QELS in Baltimore where the latest hybrid GaP-diamond nanocavity work was presented.

[05/02/11] Recently learned that three graduate students will be joining the lab next year. Progress continues on the planning/construction of the UofC lab.

[04/29/11] Research that Paul worked on with colleagues in his previous lab at Hewlett-Packard was published in Nature Photonics. A News and Views article by leading integrated quantum optics researchers Brian Patton and Jeremy O'Brien from Bristol, and an interview with Andrei Faraon, the lead author, accompanied the paper.

cover image

[04/02/11] The lab's NSERC Discovery Grant application was successful.

[04/07/11] Welcome to Aaron Hryciw, the group's first member. Aaron is an NRC Research Associate based at NINT, where he'll be setting up the group's nanophotonic device testing system and pushing the limits of the Nanofab. Prior to joining the group, Aaron was an NSERC PDF in the Brongersma group at Stanford.

[04/04/11] Returned from a productive CIfAR Nanoelectronics meeting at Mt. Tremblant, followed by a visit to McGill.

[03/20/11] Other recent activity in Calgary and NINT: lab planning, grant writing, a new paper submitted, a presentation at SPIE Photonics West (part of a great session on quantum optics and spintronics with diamond NV centers).