We have several opportunities for motivated researchers searching for challenging projects at the interface of quantum optics, nanoscience, and engineering. If you're interested in studying nanoscale optical devices for experiments in quantum optics, optomechanics, and sensing, and becoming an expert in all aspects of this work (theory, nanofabrication, and experiment), please contact Paul.

Postdoc positions in quantum nanophotonics and optomechanics

We are currently searching for post-doctoral scholars to develop (fabricate and demonstrate) novel nanophotonic devices for quantum optics and optomechanics. These positions are using devices fabricated from diamond and other materials that can couple diamond electron spins (e.g. NV and SiV centres) with nanophotonic and nanomechanical resonators. The goal of this work is to realize quantum information processing technologies, including quantum transducers and quantum repeaters as well as quantum sensors.

The publications page describes many of our latest results that these projects will build on.

Expertise in research areas including nanofabrication, quantum optics experiments, quantum emitter spectroscopy (NV centres, quantum dots, atoms), nanophotonic device design and testing, cryogenics/low-T experiments is highly desirable, but all applicants with a strong research background will be considered.

Exceptional candidates will be nominated for an Eyes High Postdoctoral Scholar award.

Towards Northover Ridge: one hour in the car, three hours on the trail.

Graduate student opportunities

We are recruiting motivated and creative graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) to join the lab in 2019 or 2020 to work on projects in quantum optics and nano-optomechanics. If you are interested, please get in touch (include your CV, transcript, and a brief description of research interests), and apply for admission to the University of Calgary graduate program.

All graduate students have the opportunity to partcipate in an NSERC CREATE program called QUANTA that is focused on preparing researchers for industrial and entrepreneurial activities.

Undergraduate student opportunities

Undergraduates interested in projects related to experimental, computational, or theoretical aspects of nanophotonics and quantum optics are encouraged to inquire.

Scholarships and other funding options

Graduate students are generally supported by the Department of Physics and Astronomy. However, there are a number of ways for researchers to secure independent funding.. Follow the link above for more information.