Congratulations to our recent graduates

A large group – a slew? a raft? – of graduate students have completed their degrees since the last update: Prasoon Shandilya defended his PhD in April 2023 and was immediately teleported to Vancouver where he joined Photonic Inc.’s growing quantum computing team.  Masters students Peyman Parsa, Blaine McLaughlin, Parisa Behjat, and Xinyuan Ma have…

Changing light’s colour

Congratulations to Blaine for submitting his tour-de-force study of nonlinear optical effects in gallium phosphide microcavities. These devices convert light from telecom to visible wavelengths with high efficiency and have future applications in quantum optics. Read the paper here

Interested in joining the lab?

The Barclay lab is recruiting undergraduate students and prospective PhD candidates seeking to do research in quantum nanophotonics. We are also seeking postdoctoral researchers with expertise in nanofabrication. If you are interested, please email a brief description of your research interests to Paul, and include a copy of your CV and transcript. Previous nanophotonics experience…

Welcome new lab members!

Welcome to three new lab members: Peyman, who joins us from Tehran, Waleed, who arrives from Queens (where he worked in Stephen Hughes’ quantum photonics theory group), and Natalia, who comes from Campinas (Brazil) with a wealth of optomechanics expertise. Excuse the photo of our alumni. Photos of our new team members are incoming.

Cooling mechanical resonators with a microscope

The lab has harnessed a new type of coupling between light and mechanical resonator to demonstrate a new technique for cooling–removing mechanical energy–from a nanoscale object. This object was fabricated from a diamond chip and was installed in a custom microscope and cryostat designed for combining laser cooling with nanophotonic device measurements. The work was…