The Quantum Nanophotonics Lab is based at the University of Calgary, where we are part of the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology.  Some group members are based in Edmonton at the National Research Council’s Nanotechnology Research Centre; others spend time at both centres. Coming soon: an updated 2021 group photo…

Group leader



Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary | Member of the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology | Project co-leader at the National Research Council Nanotechnology Research Centre

Prof. Barclay has been leading the Quantum Nanophotonics lab at the University of Calgary since 2011. During this time, team members under his supervision have been internationally recognized for their breakthroughs in nanofabrication, quantum photonics, and optomechanics. Lab graduates are highly sought after by academic research groups, the growing quantum technology industry, and government research labs. 

Thanks to the many successes led by group members, Prof. Barclay has been awarded the CAP Herzberg Medal and an NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement, among other recognitions.

Professor, Department of Physics and AstronomyUniversity of Calgary

Member of the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology

Project co-leader at the National Research Council Nanotechnology Research Centre

Postdoc: Hewlett-Packards LabsInformation and Quantum Systems Lab, Palo Alto, 2008 – 2010

Ph. D.: California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics, 2007

Advisor: Oskar Painter

Thesis: “Fiber-coupled nanophotonic devices for nonlinear optics and cavity QED”

M. Sc.: California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics, 2003

B. A. Sc.: University of British ColumbiaEngineering Physics, 2001 (APEGBC Gold Medal)

Graduate Students

Bishnupada Behera

Graduate Student

BSc/MSc Birla Institute of Technology 2018, MITACS Graduate Scholarship, AITF Graduate Scholarship 2020

Anustup Das

Graduate Student

BSc Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee 2019

Waleed El-Sayed

Graduate Student

MSc Queens University 2021

Xinyaun Ma

Graduate Student

BSc Nankai University 2019

Blaine McLaughlin

Graduate Student

BSc U Calgary 2017

Prasoon Shandilya

Graduate Student

BSc/MSc IISER Kolkata 2017

Elham Zohari

Graduate Student at University of Alberta

BSc U Tehran 2018

Parisa Behjat

Graduate Student

BSc Sharif University of Technology 2020

Postdoctoral Scholars and Research Associates

Trong Wu


PhD University of Alberta, 2020

Joe Losby

Eyes High Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD University of Alberta, 2017

Vinaya Kumar Kavatamane


PhD Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, 2019

Undergraduate Researchers

Seiji Oshi

Undergraduate Researcher



Graduate students:

Hamidreza Kaviani (PhD in Winter 2021, currently the founder of a startup)

David Lake (PhD in Winter 2020, AITF PhD Scholarship, 2015-2017, NSERC PhD CGS 2016 – 2019, now at Caltech) 

Matthew Mitchell (PhD in Fall 2019, AITF MSc Scholarship, NSERC MSc Scholarship, NSERC PhD CGS 2016 – 2019, now at UBC/QMI)

Chris Healey (PhD in August 2019, AITF PhD Scholarship 2013 – 2016)

Tamiko Masuda (MSc in 2018, now at 1QBit)

Thomas Lutz, joint w/ Wolfgang Tittel (PhD University of Calgary, AITF PhD Scholarship 2014-2017, PDF at ETH Zurich, now a Project Lead at Roche Diagnostics Europe)

Marcelo Wu (PhD in 2016, PDF at the NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, now working at quantum startup Anyon Systems)

Behzad Khanaliloo (PhD in 2016, now at Lumerical Solutions)

Guilhem Madiot (MSc exchange student from France, currently a PhD student at CNRS)


Denis Sukachev (PhD, Institute of Physics (Moscow), PN Lebedev, Russian Academy of Sciences, PDF Harvard, now a quantum hardware researcher at Amazon)

Wei Zheng, NRC / U Calgary PDF (PhD U Alberta) 

Gustavo Luiz (PDF at NINT 2017/2018, currently a Research Specialist, nanoFAB at University of Alberta)

JP Hadden, U Calgary Eye’s High Postdoc (PhD University of Bristol, 2013, currently at Research Associate in Cardiff)

Nathanael Wu (PDF, 2014/15, completed medical school training at UofC)

Harishankar Jayakumar (U Calgary Postdoc 2013-2014, currently a Research Associate at CCNY)

Aaron Hryciw (NINT Research associate, now Nanofabrication Engineering/guru at the NanoFab)

Undergraduate researchers:

Taylor Kergan (Summer 2020 student + honours thesis 2020/2021)

Hermanto Orko (Honours thesis 2019/2020)

Yasmeen Kamaliddin (Summer + honours thesis student, currently finishing BSc)

Blaine McLaughlin (summer student, currently an MSc student in the lab)

Davor Curic (U Calgary Honours thesis student in 2015/16, now at U Ottawa doing an MSc in Physics)

Laís Fujii dos Santos (exchange student from Universidade Estadual de Campinas, currently finishing MSc in Brazil)

Arlene Nijar (U Calgary Honours Thesis student, 2014/15, current position TBD)

Ben Lau (U Calgary Honours Thesis student, 2014/15, now at U Toronto doing an MSc in Physics)

Remmert Mueller (Undergraduate exchange student from AMOLF, fall 2014, currentl MSc at AMOLF)

Jakub Jadwiszczak (Undergraduate exchange student from Trinity College, Dublin, fall 2014, current position TBD)

Adam Humeniuk (NSERC USRA 2013 and, 2014, currently Honours Math student at U Calgary)

Davor Curic (Research assistant 2014-2015, currently in final year of U Calgary degree)

Mike Bian (Research volunteer, summer 2014, U Waterloo 3nd year in 2015/16)

Deborah Chung (Senior thesis student, graduated spring 2013, moved to U Alberta for MSc)

Shantel Butler (Research volunteer summer 2013, U Calgary 3rd year in 2013/14)

Michael Briscoe (2012 USRA student, graduated spring 2013, currently Medical Physics MSc at UofC)

Fuluny Jang (NINT NanoUSRA 2013, UBC 4th year Physics)

Nicolas Raoult (Intern from ENS Lyons, summer 2013)

Jeremy Witmer (NSERC USRA, UBC Engineering Physics Coop Student, summer 2013)